I did the same page last year and I needed to modify it for the new format - then I went shopping - I retired last years big red bow…. It was time… I got a new one – I tried to position everything just perfect in this photo… I am blown away by everyone’s Days of December pages. I am truly overwhelmed. It brings a smile to my face each morning as I see everyone’s page and read about their days. When my day seems boring and Mamaw is not feeling so good which makes her a handful … your pages bring back memories of better days and dreams of better tomorrows.- today I’m not going to get to read and drool too much… Mamaws up and I’m off to get dressed and get the day started. When I read your words… I get a different perspective on things and it helps so much. I am really noticing how much time and energy is going into taking the photos.. making the pages… leaving the comments and keeping up. I decided to try to appreciate my quiet day a little more. PS the big White bow is around a glass box filled with white lights- Here’s the link with the big red bow…. That page will be behind this one with a note that I retired that big red bow 12/1/2012 on my birthday just after lunch with Jay and Renee – I went shopping for 1 thing and came out with this big white bow!!! 12.99 plus tax I must me nuts… luckily I don’t have to justify why… I just had to pay for it!!! http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/ideas/showphoto.php?photo=167657

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