Second assignment of Jana's Blending and Beyond Booster workshop ... this one is a toughie, but I survived! This is Sara in her Easter dress when she was about 5 years old ... time sure flies!

Supplies used:
Blue Border paper: Katie Pertiet Artistry de Azul (slightly recolored)
Pink Grungy paper: Mindy Terasawa Spring Feast (merged with Katie Pertiet's Alandia Noces White Grey Floral Script
Frilly Lace: Katie Pertiet Yesteryear (so pretty!)
Mask: Katie Pertiet Page Blends No 3
Mask for frame: Katie Pertiet Touch Up Paint No 3
Flower: Katie Pertiet Ad Inspiration Embroidered Accent 04-14-2012
Star Glows: Katie Pertiet Star Glows No 1
Flower Mask: Katie Pertiet Editorial Insp 08-01-2010 (recolored brown to blue)
WA: Katie Pertiet Quote 06-04-2011 You've Got Every Right to a Beautiful Life (just used beautiful)
Pink paper for the Curved Clip: Katie Pertiet Email Inspiration
Flower button: Katie Pertiet Gingerbread Runaway (slightly recolored)
YOU Alpha: Katie Pertiet Type Inspiration 02-06-2011 (recolored to blue)
Journaling: Katie Pertiet Stitched Journal Strips No 3

Font (make me smile): Liorah BT script