This wagon isn't specifically for Christmas at all . . . but I always call it the Christmas Wagon!

Journaling: The Christmas Wagon sits near out house . . . waiting for the holiday to bring children for photographs! The old wagon with its fading green & red paint always reminds me of Christmas. For reasons I don’t know, we see many wagons from this ear painted in the same lovely colors. I can imagine a pair of horses with bells on pulling a family through the snow to church on a snowy evening back in the early days of it’s existence on an unknown farm. One of these days I will put our Santa suit on a pillow stuffed form and imagine Santa’s horses pull a wagon load of toys to all the good little boys and girls on our road! But, for now it just sits and looks pretty during the holidays and waits to appear on Christmas cards holding precious children.
Ed bought this old wagon about 25 years ago from an old farmer in Smith County. He had been yearning for a wagon for several years and had several of his friends on the look out for him. Charles Richard told him about one in Loudon County that we went to see on our way back from Gatlinburg and then Jim Broyles found one near where he lives in Smith County. Ernie went with Jim to see it and bought it lickety-split.
Our wagon appears to be a vintage late 1800’s Ajax Heavy Duty Farm wagon. The front wheels are 41 inches in diameter and the rear wheels are 45 inches in diameter. For many years, Ed would pull the wagon to the front field with the tractor and full it with pumpkins and chrysanthemums from early October to early November. I can’t count the number of people who would bring their children to our house to take Christmas card photographs.
This week, Ed had Shane & Mert help him pull the old wagon from the barn to the smoke house. The weather was 74° . . . perfect day for working outside. He is moving because he is bringing home a dozen or so calves from the farm to stay here through the winter, and he doesn’t want them ruining the wagon! The men have repaired fences, put up gates and loaded the barn up with hay in anticipation of our wintering guests.

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