Thanks Merr, I had fun with this challenge ... this is a picture of me when I was a youngster, back in the early 1970s. My mom had always made her famous Martha Washington Balls (candy) for Christmas, which is a tradition that continues in my family to this day ... fortunately I had the recipe in my Mom's handwriting, so that makes it even more special ...

Supplies used:

Red background paper: Katie Pertiet Color Challenge 04-25-2009
Green Christmas paper: Katie Pertiet Celebrate Christmas Paper Pack (part of the Heritage freebie)
Mask: Katie Pertiet Page Blends No 1 (that is really cool!)
Loopy stitches and holly leaves: Katie Pertiet Holly Twists freebie
Half red doily extracted from: Katie Pertiet Woodside Jangle Journalers freebie
Clock: Katie Pertiet Clock Parts No 7
Red background paper in the frame: Katie Pertiet Everyday Inspiration 11-28-2008
Frame: Katie Pertiet 8-1-2009 Cream Tan Lined Worn (used hard light, to make it show red lines)
Word Plates: Katie Pertiet Yesteryear Word Plates
Hung up Frames: Katie Pertiet (extracted)

Fonts: Aka Dora (Martha Washington Balls) and Traveling Typewriter (a family tradition)