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For the last several years, I’ve said, “this will be the last year”. I’ve braced myself for moving on and letting go. You, my sweet boy, have been so willing to believe with a magical childlike trust, so ready to let your imagination drift into the possibility of seeing the unseen. You have been so completely committed to the idea that someone is watching you all year, waiting until Christmas Eve to reward you for all your goodness.

At night, before you drift off, I field your questions that stem from kids who are certain that you’re wrong to believe. I’m here to tell you that Santa IS real, like electricity, love, and miracles are all real. Santa represents the spirit that is the best in all of us. Santa, like electricity, is something magical that we can’t see. His presence rises up in all of us at Christmas, inspiring us to share our love, appreciation, and joy with each other.

I understand how life morphs us all into skeptics. It’s part of growing up. So if you no longer believe in a jolly elf who travels the globe in a single night, I will understand. But dad and I believe that Santa brings the magic of Christmas to our home, and I hope you will too.