Ah...the comfort of home...We started the day off with pouring rain! I basically crawled to work on the country
road to town. It was glare ice. It got colder during the day and it became a frozen skating rink. Ed got home at
4:00 and said it was so treacherous! We were pretty worried about Evan coming home on those roads but Ed
called him and really made it clear to drive slow and he made it! Thank goodness! I had a yummy supper
waiting for him when he got home. Sweet and sour sausages and rice. A good comfort food.
Britt spent the day at home studying for an exam for tomorrow. I got home with groceries at 4:00 and took a few
photos to document my day. Our slippery sidewalk, and my favorite snowman figurines from Therese from
last Christmas and Evan’s favorite Christmas candy. He popped this whole bowl of candy in his mouth for
dessert. They are way too sweet! It was a nice evening once all the “birds were in the nest...”

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