I went through and finished up 2011's December Dailyover the last couple of days.

Supplies All Designer Digitals:
Katie Pertiet:
Stamped Alphabet No. 02
Countables: Holidays No. 01
Postage Strip Words: Holiday
Spot Dots Colors: Turquoise Paper Pack
Krafty Canvas Paper Pack No. 02
Pure Element Pack
Notebook Edge Frames
Vintage Flashcards: Winter
Carded Monograms: Red
Game Cards: Holiday
Loosely Labeled No. 02
Sweet St. Nicholas Kit
Holiday Trimmings MegaPack
Cut Ups: Christmas
Postmarked New Years 2011 Brushes and Stamps
Pinned Sentiments
Postage Strip Words: Holiday
Studio DD:
Layer Works No. 125
Andrea Victoria:
Salamat Paper Pack (recolored)
Tailored Houndstooth Paper Pack: Springy
Ali Edwards:
2011 December Daily 8.5x11 Overlays
Holiday Word Art Vol. 03
Holiday Title + Journal Photo Overlays
Holiday Word Art
(Supplies not listed can be found in my gallery)

Thanks for looking! Smile