I have changed my format a little bit. I better stick with it now...I added the temperature for every day since I think I will want to know that years from now.
Today was a quiet day of just everyday going ons...We went to church. Evan came but Britt had a staff meeting.
It was our first Sunday of December so the advent candle was lit in church and we sang our first Christmas songs.
In the afternoon I made some almond bark since that is Evan’s favorite Christmas treat. I will have to hide it in the
freezer because once he finds it, that’s it...it will be eaten frozen when I am not around.
I tried a photo shoot with the cats and the tree bokeh behind them. But by the photos you can tell they didn’t want
to cooperate. Britt did some studying for her Spanish exam this week.
After supper we had the Kroeker’s over for a couple of games of Scrabble. I love games! It was an enjoyable
evening and a good Sunday.
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