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Sunday 2nd December 2012.

No sleep in for me. I was up early and into Warrnambool for a bracing walk along the beach with a fun group of ladies from the Warrnambool &
Surrounds 12wbt crew. We met at 9am and walked for an hour before heading to ‘Simons’ on the beach front for brunch and lots of talking.

Although there was a hold up on the road while I had to wait for a wayward koala who decided to take his time and cross without a care in the world.

Mike however bragged later that he didn’t get up until 9.30am, lazy bones!

I stopped on the way home to take some photos of “the girls” in the paddock, one of which obliged me with a pose. I don’t know what the farmer must have thought if he saw me peering over his fence.

I decided in the afternoon that I have to get a grip on things for Christmas so out came the Christmas card list which much to Mike’s chagrin he is going to start writing out some cards tonight. Somehow it’s usually left to me, not sure where that was in the marriage contract!!

Mike pottered in the shed most of the day with his new milling machine. I have no idea what it does but he’s excited about it, which is all that matters.

I adore the funny garden fence ornament I bought in Daylesford yesterday. The wise old crow is sitting proud on the inside fence.

A terrific new dish tonight was on the menu, which consisted of lamb, coriander, pine nuts, beans, pumpkin and feta. So simple and so incredibly tasty. It got the two thumbs up and looks like it will be a regular. Yum!

Back to work tomorrow for me, my three weeks off are over and Mike will be back to peace and quiet without me at home during the day.