WOW...4 weeks to go! I need to keep it simple this month.

Another one of those not so great weeks.. I went over to Wegmans to finally see the new store. Smaller than the others and about as far as the beltway one. I was totally exhausted the next day. Oiling the soapstone was a great treatment for my hands too. I marked the old trash cans for yard waste and we had three cans full of leaves. A beautiful full moon but also the failure of my 2T ehd. A new one on order but it was also good to have a ‘checkup’ of my iMac. Panera meeting with Judy of AALC.

KPertiet_PocketPagesNo7 including
KP Blendable Photo Cards 3
KP Graphed
KP Graphed
KP Label
KP Letter Box
KP Mixed Stacks
KP Paper
KP Spring Wings

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