Please forgive my absence from the gallery and forum. In my part of the state we are living in the Stone Age. The telephone exchange burnt down last Thursday so from Thursday onwards we have had no phone, no internet connection, no ATMS or eftpos (it's cash everything, too bad if you haven't got cash, no credit cards being used). It's affected 60,000 homes. We have mobile coverage (cell phone) and the landlines are back up but still no internet. Eeeek. Mike bought a wireless dongle (the last one sold in this town) and is using it sparingly for business purposes, and it seems to be sketchy at best, working sometimes, then dropping out. So I'm just sneaking in some uploads while he's not looking Wink

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A page about my very first fun run, which was soooo much fun and the first Color Run in Australia.

Katie Pertiet:
Enchanted Easter Solids
Splatters Brushes & Stamps No.2
Splatters Brushes & Stamps No.3
Watery Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 1
Watery Photo Masks No.2
Classic Curled Photo Frames No.4

Pattie Knox:
Brad Bonanza (some re-coloured).

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What better way to be initiated into taking part in a fun run, than to do The Color Run at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne with my exercise and 12wbt friends Tania and Casey.

Up at the crack of dawn, even earlier, Casey and I left just after 5am headed to ‘the big smoke’ armed with my trusty hand drawn map of where to go. We met Tania there who had collected our goodie bags already for us.

We lined up all nice and clean and shiny and white with the other runners and pleased to know we were in the first wave to set off.

Totally great fun, each kilometre they threw a different coloured powder at you, the more colour the better. Of course when we got to the pink zone we went through it twice! It was quite a thrill to run the final leg on the hallowed turf of Flemington where Melbourne Cup winners have made history.

Then the party really began when we hit the Colour Zone and danced and sang and let loose with colours flying everywhere. It was crazy good fun, and a brilliant way to raise money for the Australian Paralymics. So proud of myself for completing the 5K (in my run-walk-run-shuffle-jog fashion).

Roll on next year, we aim to make this an annual event on our exercise calendar. Bring on the colour!