I loved snanda's layout. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

This may be the funniest picture I’ve ever taken. The kids have been asking for another cat for almost two years - since we lost Maggie. But I wasn’t ready and I’ve said “no” a million times. Even as recently as this month. I couldn’t do it. But something changed when I picked up a kitten and so we adopted Scout. But we didn’t tell the kids. The night before we got him, we sent the kids upstairs so that “Daddy and I could talk about some things.” We called them down a few minutes later and said that we needed to talk to them. They walked into the living room to see a cat carrier on the table. On the carrier was a big bow and a card. Libby opened the card and this was their reaction - while Libby and Andrew were trying to read the card and look at the picture we had included, Emily just saw the picture and freaked out. Poor Andrew! Because she grabbed his head and then pulled his hair and started screaming. One second later, it turned into the ugly cry. (But that’s for another layout. Wink ) I am so glad that I photographed this whole thing because this is my new favorite photo EVER. Smile

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