I'm now working with images and thoughts that are just over one year old, and some of them are still hard for me to work with. BUT...I've decided that was important for me to finish this project and I think I have just enough steam to finish it by THIS year-end. =)

Journaling Reads:
Out of Place
My house has been officially ďon the marketĒ now for a month. I hate to complain, because my husband has it so much worse living in Tennessee. Alone. In a studio apartment with an air mattress, an iPod and one pan. And no friends or family. And a new job. We are all feeling a bit out of place. When the kids come over to visit, or help me pack out more stuff, or go through the garage...again...or move stuff around so the house is ďstagedĒ, nothing feels...normal. It all feels like Iím watching someone elseís life through a really foggy filter. Like all of the color has been sucked out of the universe. All of the color except for the red leather couch that isnít comfortable because it was never used much. And it doesnít belong in this room. And what Iím left with is a house that doesnít feel familiar, but echoes the past. And it literally echoes, as well. And itís haunted. By me. I feel like a ghost that moves through the rooms, but never lives in any of them. The sighs I hear echoing are my own. Chelsea texting on the floor somehow makes sense. Iím not sure why. Probably because the floor is the only thing left that still looks and feels the same. I feel like Iím drowning and canít find the water to tread. As much as I canít stand to think about leaving our home of almost 30 years...I canít wait to get out of here.

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