It probably isn't aviation month in Canada, but the topic struck a chord with me. My father was a British Royal Air Force Trainee (BRAT) at Halton and spent his entire career associated with aircraft. After coming to Canada, he lost his job when John Diefenbaker cancelled the Avro Arrow programme. For me, Black Friday has always been February 20, 1959.
The navy with red and white stripes is the Halton school tie and the propeller in the circle was worn on the left sleeve of his uniform to denote his graduation from Halton. The other items were pins that my dad was given for working on various aircraft, and his 10 year pin from Orenda.
An interesting fact, the CF18 is not called "the Hornet" in Canada, as hornet has no translation in French. Thanks for looking.

LGrieveson-Scrap Express No 40

KPertiet-Sweet St. Nicholas kit, striped mix Magic combined to make the school tie

MBS-Annelise solids, jelly alpha no 21