This was the day her hard work and saving
paid off and she was able to buy her best little friend an American Girl doll. Blessed me big!

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the journaling talks about her saving her money to buy her best little friend an american girl doll because she had been having some hard times lately. she spent her own birthday money, did extra chores, had a lemonade stand, etc. we were counting pennies (and change) at the counter and the cashier asked her if she was excited to get her new doll, she responded by saying the doll was not for her.. I went on to tell the cashier what my daughter was doing and she then called over the manager who got right down on Katelyns level and told her how proud American Girl was of her and how they honor kindness and goodness of helping others and they wanted to recognize her, so they took us to the Bistro and brought out a great big sundae treat. My daughter was really surprised and on the way to the car after she asked why did they make a big deal out of her getting the doll for her friend. I explained that its just not common these days for kids to give up their own desires for others to which she responded, "but mommy dont they know its better to give than to receive?" It was just the best afternoon..