“It's surprising how much memory is built around things unnoticed at the time.” ~ Barbara Kingsolver

Journaling: Today I am thankful for. . . an occasional walk through an antique or junk store. When I have days with nothing much to do, I will find an antique mall to browse through. I rarely make purchases, but sometimes I will find a great treasure! I once found one of my favorite childhood storybooks on a jaunt with several friends in a nearby town . . . I recognized the cover immediately after nearly 60 years! I found a lid to an old china teapot which my mother used ever day to make a pot of iced tea . . . I broke that lid at least 45 years ago. Good friends of ours spent a week with us in Florida last year . . . Barb & I took our cameras and had a wonderful time photographing old items we thought camera worthy!

Thirty Days of Thankful – Cathy Zielske
Ingrid Solids Paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Lifted Leaves No. 02 – Katie Pertiet
Pacifica Solids Paper Pack - Maplebrook Studios
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