I am still thankful for my enjoyment of creating which began so many years ago and was fostered by my parents and extended family. The photograph isn't a new one . . . but, it is the last paper scrapbook I made for one of our grandsons for his Christening photographs and memories. I couldn't find or remember an appropriate verse from the Bible for this page . . . let me know if you think of one.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Journaling: When I was a small child I loved to cut out magazine photographs and glue them into an old wallpaper book to make a scrapbook like the ones that Mother & Daddy made with little photographs of me! Then I progressed to real scrapbooks where I would glue photo of my friends and newspaper clippings from high school football games. When each of our children was born and then our first few grandchildren there were more and more books! I remember that Santa would always leave me a new box of crayons and Scotch tape in my stocking and a package of plain and colored construction paper under the tree at Christmas for my craft projects & scrapbooks.

Thirty Days of Thankful – Cathy Zielske
Ingrid Solids Paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Lifted Leaves No. 02 – Katie Pertiet
Pacifica Solids Paper Pack - Maplebrook Studios
Fonts used are Avenir LT 55 Roman, Bell MT and Pea Daniel San from Kevin & Amanda.