i know there has been chat about how to scrap "not so festive" days during this process. little did i dream that i'd have the "opportunity" to tackle this dilema so soon! here's how i spent 2+ hours of MY day! ho ho ho!!

Dear Santa
it’s been quite a while since i last wrote you. in fact it’s been almost fifty - - - - years, well let’s just say time has flown. in that letter i asked you for two front teeth which you were kind enough to oblige and i am happy to report that they are still almost as good as new. as you check your list this year not once but twice i trust you will find me in the nice category and so today i have another slightly more specific christmas wish. i would be more than happy if you could bring me a right permanent mandibular first molar (also known as “#30”). and if it isn’t too much trouble i would really appreciate one that is not in need of a root canal. i promise to take as good care of it as those two front ones you brought last time.
Fondly, Debbie

p. s. merry christmas!

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