Greetings, DD'ers! For those of us here in the States, we are nearing the end of our 4-day Thanksgiving weekend, and I am soooo thankful that it is not yet Monday! Smile

Here is my entry for the final Gratitude challenge, Simply Thankful. The problem I had in making this page is not that I have so little to be thankful for, it's that I have so much--good health, good friends, loving family, a good job that I adore, a digital scrapbooking site that is as much a home to me as my brick and mortar one. I hope and pray that I do not take any of this for granted, but in trying to scrap even a portion of this I got stumped--not sure why. So, I decided to go a slightly different way and I focused on one occurrence on Thanksgiving Day when I was able to slip away from the noise and the laughter and the crowd and just sit by myself for a short while. In those few moments, eyes closed, letting the spirit of the day wash over me, I thought about a few of the smaller things in life for which I am grateful. They're simple things that give me great joy, but fair warning that I finished off my musings with gratitude for what I like to think was a triumph of perseverance born out of desperation (I hope the page journaling will make clear just what the heck I'm talking about here, but roll with me for a bit...). The story is this: there are two things that I must absolutely bring to Thanksgiving dinner; the first is pumpkin spice cookies (I did a two-page layout about this a few years ago, one of the first set of pages I made here at DD. Um, "layout?" More like "lameout!" Ugh! So much I didn't know then, and still haven't learned, but I digress...). The second is amaretto pie, which I make with a ginger snap/graham cracker crust. Fortunately I was able to make both the pie and the cookies this year, for which I am exceedingly grateful! Smile

Journaling reads:
"November 22, 2012. The days leading up to Thanksgiving this year were filled with the usual mix of crazy and crazier--life seems to get busier every year. On Thanksgiving Day I was grateful to be able to slip away and just...sit...and reflect on some of life’s small moments for which I am so very thankful--the sound of my niece’s laughter, the gentle purr of a contented cat, a warm mug of cider drunk by a fire on a foggy fall day. Oh, and getting the last box of ginger snaps on the planet after hitting up five different stores so that I could make my famous amaretto pie for Thanksgiving Day dessert!"

Designer Digitals Simply Thankful Freebie Pack 11-18-2012 (I used the cluster and Cathy's template, but I shrunk the template and merged the photo blocks)

Cassie Jones
How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows
Laying It All Out No. 04: Extractions with Dimension

Pattie Knox
Cozy Crochet
Festive Fall Kit (paper)

Maplebrook Studio
Finer Things No. 01 Slate Paper Pack

Katie Pertiet
Alandia Noces Collection (paper)
Banner Labels No. 01
Carte Post Kit
Color Study: Brown Paper Pack
Fall Photo Masks No. 02 Brushes and Stamps
Flourishing Leaves No. 03
From My Bookshelf Solids Paper Pack No. 01 (blended this with Naturally Krafty No. 8)
Gardener's Delight Paper Pack
Grungy Ledger Grids Brushes and Stamps
Messy Stitched Squares: White No. 01
Naturally Krafty No. 08 Paper Pack
Photo Clusters No. 31
Simply Patterned Value Paper Pack No. 03
Vintage Flashcards: Fall

Studio Double-D
Gratitude Element Clusters No. 01

Fonts: Ariel, CK_Ali's Hand

Photo: iStock (Can you believe it? I've been making this pie for years and I don't have a photo of it!!! So, I chose a photo that makes me think of autumn and all that I love about it.)

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