i just love katie´s weekly challenges templates. i often see them and think "yay - this is perfect for the photos i took yesterday...".

just like those photos of lotte and us.

the journaling tells the story:
lotte is actually not the cozy type of dog. that means she will never come up to you and beg you to pet her. but she loves to snuggle up to us. as we are quite strict (sometimes) she may not lie on the sofa or the bed. but we love to snuggle up to lotte, too....
so we took a dog blanket and lay on the floor in front of the tv all together. this is what happens regularly now.

so we lie on the floor, because the dog is not allowed to lie on the sofa.... crazy but cozy!


Midwinter Kit
Dog Park KitInky Dink Page Borders

(i have to download the new link spreadsheet...)