Ok…so Kathleen set the challenge of creating calendars to take advantage of the Shutterfly free calendar deal…. I figured if I kept it simple – large image, framed smaller images and scripture verse - and robbed some of my elements from the 12x12 project I’ve been working on of our trip to the US in June I might just be able to complete a gift for my in-laws in time. I decided to not even add a title for the month to keep it as quick as possible between work and other commitments. It’s been fun! Thanks for the challenge Kathleen!!

Ali Edwards’ Bible quotes 1 or 2, Katie Pertiet Hinged frames no 5, Color study brown flair, adorable cluster is a readymade something I can’t find to credit - sorry

Yep we rode down Pike's Peak - all 14000 feet of it - with hairpin turns and no guard rails in lots of places!! I was scared silly!