I am a little late with this, but it’s never late to say to Katie and Randy, the creative team and all the members that i am grateful to be here.

Journaling reads:
Thank you
…Katie for your wonderful art and generosity.
…Randy for your warnings on my double orders.
…Wonderful designers for your beautiful products.
…Creative team members for the inspiration and support.
…For the tutorials.
…For the weekly freebies.
…For the challenges.
…For the bi-monthly helpful tips.
…My friends from all over the world, because your heartfelt comments help to express myself.
...DD, because of all the above reasons and many more, you have become a warm digital home for me.

Layered Memories No. 050
Maplebrook Studios
Ingrid Kit
Layers of Gratitude Chat Freebie_ Paper, Envelope, Vintage readymade block
Fonts: 4990810, Old Style small Caps, Esat Hoxha