I am hanging in and moving . . . actually I've made a few pages on the day of . . . but, I am going to post in chronological order.
(A bit of the information on crows came from the internet. They are fascinating!)
Our crows are pretty camera shy . . . I can never get a shot of the entire group of around 25 or so.

Beside them the birds of the heavens dwell; they sing among the branches. ~ Psalms 104:12

Journaling:Today I am thankful for . . . the interesting family of crows who live at our house. Crows! They’re often portrayed in literature and movies as harbingers of doom or as crafty pests. We like them because they are curious and cheeky and although you would think not . . . because they are loud! We have had a single family of crows living at our house for about six or eight years . . . always in the very same area and always staying together as a group. I have read that they mate for life and are territorial and that they can essentially inherit their parents' territory when they die. Whatever the science is . . . we love that they have chosen to live with us . . . we love to greet them when we leave our home or come home from being away.

Thirty Days of Thankful – Cathy Zielske
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