Sunday, I walked downtown to the Cenotaph for the National Remembrance Day Ceremonies and left my
poppy on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Thousands do so and it is a very moving sight. Monday, 14 more bags of leaves at the curb, this time from the backyard. Tuesday, Isabel makes dinner, a stir-fry with a satay sauce. Love it when she cooks for me! Wednesday, Phantom will sit on my lap and stare over the computer screen when he feels neglected. Thursday. I finish the 4th book by Christopher Paolini. I don't want to diminish his accomplishment, but I was glad to have it over with. It started out in 2006, when Paolini was 15, with "Eragon". It was meant to be a trilogy...two years ago, the third book came out with the announcement that the story required a fourth book to wrap up. The final book came out in the spring and I only got around to starting it last week. It is verbose (like this review) and the battle scenes are filled with graphic minutia. At 849 pages, I found that it was about 100 pages too long. Friday, this squirrel thought that I should have something for him....sorry! Saturday, I enjoy my morning cup of coffee. Oops, looks like I goofed on the to fix.

KPertiet-Stitched together no 1, naturally krafty no 7
MMartin-jelly alpha no 12
AVictoria-Autumnal spice papers
LGrieveson-Scrap Express No 53
CZielske-Boxed Numbers