I love it when I get darling photos of any of my grands. But then the pressure is on to scrap them to showcase them just right. Oh my - can I tell you how many times I started - stopped - started again - over and over!! Do I go simple - lots of layers and stuff. Oh the pressure!!! Anyway - I settled on the LO challenge template - the moved - added - subtracted - still the pressure. Settled on mor simple than ornate. I may do these again sometime. That is if I am ever up to the pressure again! LOL!!!

You are at such a fun age! I enjoy watching your responses to each new adventure. You explore it all and don’t want to miss a thing along the way. Your beautiful eyes dance with excitement. Now that you are showing your independence more you are off and running to each new thing and protest or ignore words of instruction. Even in your “challenge” stage you are a delight and I’m so thankful for you!

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