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Don't think I will get there Sad Very late at night here in little old Perth - but had a blast making this page to celebrate the occasion!
Journaling - I am thankful for DD.
I am thankful for the amazing digital product.
I am thankful for the everyday inspiration.
I am thankful for the way someone is always there to answer a question about Elements or Photography or life in general!
But this little photo reminds me of the reason I am most thankful for DD. This photo is of a small person whom I would never have met, if it were not for this place. And while she almost certainly does not remember me, she and her lovely mum were a part of one of the lovliest days I have spent on this earth.
This little girl, on the other side of the world, is a symbol to me of the good things that the web has made possible.We may speak jokingly at times of our “online friends”, but this photo reminds me that they are very real people, and that we are priviliged to know them and to learn about their lives through their lovely pages.
Thank you DD!
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