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Journaling: Today I am thankful for . . . contentment in all things that life brings. I seem to run on a pretty even keel . . . friends tell me that I am a bit of a Pollyanna and nothing much bothers me. I have never really wanted for things I couldn’t have . . . my parents struggled after my daddy’s illness when I was a child, but I always had what truly I needed in life. I knew at one point in life that my friends had more money, but that never bothered me at all . . . I knew that I was loved. I learned early how to be content . . . I have always felt blessed to have those lessons taught to me.

Thirty Days of Thankful – Cathy Zielske
Calida Solids Paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Ingrid Solids Paper Pack – Maplebrook Studios
Lifted Leaves No. 02 - Katie Pertiet

I feel I should add that I've never truly been handed the terrible things which can happen in life . . . so, I am not sure that I have been tested to see if I could handle many things which I read about. I know that many of you have been given trials so difficult and your courage must have been strained. God bless those of you who have weathered very difficult times.