I was cleaning out a drawer this afternoon – I found a key – I thought to myself I wonder what this key is for – it looked like the key to the inside door for both Mamaw’s apartment and mine – I had them keyed alike – we never lock the inside door so I had forgotten about it….so I tried my door it has this button that is a little difficult to operate – I should have left it alone now every time I go out of the upstairs apartment the door locks when I shut the door… it’s fixed now … the trick is to turn the nob and move the button at the same time! I am thankful I don’t have to use that darn key! I took a picture just like Jean2 yesterday of a sunrise… in my nightgown through the window with the door shut – I so didn’t want to get caught. I wonder how many of us did the same thing… I love the November thankful project!!!

Just Linens Paper Pack No. 48
Autumnal Spice Paper Pack
Bead Scatterings No. 01)
In Text Paper Pack No. 02
Curled Journal Spots No. 06
inspired by: Gratitude Element Clusters No. 01
Garden Stakes: Words
Flourishing Leaves No. 01
Preserved Memories: Autumn
Autumnal Artistry Kit
Fall Orchard Kit
and the new bits of nature 2 - I so love this I'll add the link when the new list comes out….