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Floral journaler: Studio Double D Readymade Journalers Fall No1-6
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Vintage Journal spot: K Pertiet Vintage Journal Spots No3-1
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Ribbon card: K Pertiet Pocket Cards Autumn No2-5
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Botanical Postage strip: K Pertiet Botanical Postage Strips
Sweet stamp: K Pertiet Defining Moments
Dot paper: K Pertiet Classic Embossed Dots No3-6
Happiness: K Pertiet Postage Strip Words
Brass staple: P Knox StapleIts
Floral paper: K Pertiet Color Inspiration 072311-2
Feather frame: K Pertiet Collageable Frames No3-4

A Less Rushed, More Inspired Christmas: When I decided to run another marathon, I knew I wanted to do a better job with Christmas than last year. So this year, I started early. And when we drive to TN next week, we will be taking wrapped Christmas presents with us. There are still more gifts to prepare, but I’m proud of what I’ve put together and focused on finishing the rest earlier rather than later.

Kylie cut out each ornament and stamped it lightly with a K. We added a red ribbon. We will give them to our family for them to hang from their trees next week.