5 months in Review

This month you celebrated several fun events with your family. Your mother's (and your Aunt Callie's) 33rd birthday was Oct. 7. Instead of celebrating just for them, you partied with your cousin Jenna for her 4th birthday on Oct. 8 with your whole family at the Thomsen's barn. Then on Oct. 11 you spent the evening having fun with your mommy and daddy as they celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary! You finally figured out how to get from your tummy to your back after many frustrating attempts. You also started sitting on your own, and boy do you love moving around to music and playing will all sorts of objects now that you can sit! We call you a cheater since we are trying to keep you from sucking your thumb (your teeth will thank us), but you've figured out how to put the pacifier on your thumb and go to town sucking away.... such a cheater! One special "gift" you share is your screeching.... at home, at daycare and anywhere people will listen. It's a happy screech for the most part, so mommy and daddy, Christine and strangers enjoy alike. There were a couple of hard days for your mommy as she had to spend the first night away from you at a work conference in Manhattan. The first night your dad was on his way home from a work trip to Florida so you spent the first night with your Blender grandparents. For Halloween your wore your cute pumpkin outfit from your Patterson grandparents and your cow cap!

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