Just getting started with my 30 Days of Thankful pages!

Journaling: Today I am thankful for the misty fog that hangs over the pond early this morning. I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a beautiful fog that hung over the pond like a sheet of velum over a photograph. Under the layer of mist swam the last of the mallards that grace us with their presence from time to time. I will miss the beauty of this time of year . . . the ducks with the ripples they make in the water as they swim . . . and the running on the water with wings spread as they take off and fly over the house in a perfect V on their way to parts unknown.

Thirty Days of Thankful (altered just a bit) Cathy Zielske
Adrier Solids Paper Pack Maplebrook Studios
Ingrid Solids Paper Pack Maplebrook Studios

P.S. The crazy stump in the foreground is where our boys (and me once or twice) would sit empty cans for target practice!