I have lists of my lists of projects in progress. I sort of lost track of this one...forgot I'd never finished up the last couple of pages of this book from last summer's road trip. Time to get it done.

Journaling: It was the day we’d been waiting for--Yellowstone! A desire to visit Yellowstone had been what started the whole planning process for this summer vacation, and I fully expected this day and the next to be the highlights of the trip. It didn’t turn out that way. The narrow, winding roads with steep drop offs were frankly terrifying for me (the ‘vortex’ strikes again!), and while the geothermal features were interesting, we all found that we preferred the landscape of the Tetons to what we saw in Yellowstone. It was a thrill to come around a bend and see a field of geysers before us, and the sheer size of Yellowstone Lake was breathtaking. We enjoyed a picnic lunch at Whiskey Flats after watching Old Faithful erupt. We saw otherworldly sights as we drove the Grand Loop to Mammoth Hot Springs. And at the end of the day, we all agreed to spend our final day of vacation in the Tetons, rather than returning to Yellowstone as planned.

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