You are growing so fast! It seems that every time I see you or a new photo you have learned something new. First you were scooting - then crawling and now you are cruisin’. You can pull yourself up to all the furniture and walk around getting anywhere you want to go. This has been a bit of a challenge for Aaron. Up until now if you were getting into his toys he could just put them up on the coffee table. Much to his dismay, that no longer works. You can pull yourself up and play with them right there!

Created for the Mix It Up Readymade Challenge on the blog and Scraplifted from Nancy Beck’s fabulous layout Glorious Fall

Chandra Kit
Stamped Blocks No. 06 Brushes and Stamps
Oiselet Bleu Kit
Thankful Memories Kit
Floridian Mini Kit
Artistry de Blanco Kit
Fastened Frames No. 06
Simple Collage Frames No. 02
Audubon Notebook Collection No. 01
Clean Stitched Banners: White No. 01
Banner Strips No. 02
Fall Orchard Kit
Shades of Spring Felt Alphabets No. 02
Color Color Challenge 4 28 12 - KPertiet
Color Inspiration 03 03 12 - KPertiet
Ad Inspiration 10 01 11 - KPertiet
Color Inspiration 05 14 11 - KPertiet