Greetings, DD'ers! Gosh, before yesterday's chats it feels like forever since I'd posted! My life is the usual mix of crazy and crazier, so I was very pleased I was able to participate in the 4th Quarterly Sales chats. My scrapping skills are a bit rusty (and we don't even want to talk about what it's like to be out of scrappin' practice and have to scrap under a time limit--ahem, Wendy and Lynn!--but boy does it ever feel good to fire up Photoshop again! Smile

So, one reason I've been absent is that Mr. Squeak and I were able to do some traveling this past summer and early fall. We haven't been on a vacation in two years--long overdue--and then in the past few months we've taken not one but two vacations. In August we took a week-long trip to Chicago. No sooner were we back and unpacked from that trip when we left for a ~4-week road trip. Long story short: we both had a ton of use-it-or-lose-it vacation hours. My boss was a bit freaked about me being gone for an entire month, so I spent the weeks preceding the trip getting the lab ready for my absence. Aaaaaanyway, for our month off we decided to do a good, old-fashioned road trip. No specific plans about what to see or where to go. We just packed a suitcase, downloaded some maps to Peter's smart phone and off we went. The general plan was to drive around the Southwest, stopping at as many cities and national parks and roadside oddities as we could cram into 4 weeks. The basic route: start in Nevada, then up to Utah, over to Colorado, down to New Mexico, over to Arizona and then head for home. Between the two of us we took >7000 photos; I will be scrapping this trip for years to come!

For Lynn's Scraplift Live challenge yesterday I posted the following page:

and left a rather cryptic remark in the photo details section. Today I'm back to tell the tale of the photo on that page. (ETA: I decided to post that page here so you could see it before reading the story. The story will make more sense...well, maybe it will, maybe it won't...I do tend to go on... Smile ) The photo was taken at an overlook at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The story itself is long and windy (not 'windy' like blowing wind, but 'windy' like twisty turns, although come to think of it, both pronunciations work! Smile ), but bear with me. I wanted to tell both the story of how we got to the photo location and then tell the story of the photo itself. Remember, I did say it was a long story! Smile

Journaling reads:
After nearly a month of traveling, today was our last real day of vacation. We had about two days of driving ahead of us, so before we started the long trek home we were determined to get in one last adventure. On our hike yesterday Peter had seen signs for Point Sublime, a seriously-off-the-beaten-path overlook, something we could drive to on our way out of the park. After conferring with Ranger Ron at the ranger station located near the lodge, we decided we had to do it. "We have a 4-wheel drive," said Peter. "Will we have any problems with the road?" "Um, 'road' is perhaps not an accurate description of what you'll be be driving on, but sure, with a 4-wheel drive you should be fine. It's only 18 miles from the main road to Point Sublime; you should be able to drive it in a little under 90 minutes." "What?" said I. "90 minutes to drive 18 miles?!?" "And that's only because they've recently fixed some of the problems," said Ranger Ron. Well, we wanted a last adventure, so off we went, and we soon discovered what he meant. The gravel road that branched off from the main road quickly gave way to something barely recognizable as a path, full of kidney-jarring potholes, piles of boulders that we had to drive over, and dust so thick in places we feared we'd get stuck. It was glorious! When we finally reached the overlook, we immediately saw why it was named 'Point Sublime.' The way here no doubt keeps many people from visiting this incredible place, which was all the better for us, as we had it all to ourselves. Like the other parts of the Grand Canyon we'd seen, this place was so, so big, so all-encompassing that we found it hard to photograph, but of course that did not stop us from trying. Peter was able to take some great panoramic photos with his smart phone. While he was busy photographing, I decided to have a bit of fun with him. Exploring the very edge of the point, I noticed a small recessed ledge that was all but hidden from view. I climbed down to this ledge and when I was in position I began calling for help. Peter rushed over when he heard me, but before reaching for my hand to pull me up he stopped and took my picture! I was so flabbergasted that I let go my grip, and then, of course, it was glaringly obvious that I was standing on something. He later told me that he'd seen me climb down onto the ledge and get into position, so he decided to have fun with me in turn. At the time, though, I was righteously angry that he hadn't dropped everything and rushed to my aid. When I took him to task about this, he innocently replied, "Hey, haven't you always told me to get the shot first?"

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