Another gratitude LO. My cute great nephew at the pumpkin patch in 2010. He was not too happy to sit on the cold ground. I also want to say thank you and express my gratitude to Lynn for her Button Card Gratitude freebie 11-3-12, Andrea for her Autumnal Spice paper pack freebie 11-4-12 and Michelle for her Just Linen No 48 paper pack freebie 11-5-12.
Studio DD:
Layer Works No. 247;
Lynn Grieveson:
Button Cards Gratitude Freebie 110312;
Andrea Victoria
Autumnal Spice Paper Pack Gratitude Freebie 110412;
Maplebrook Studio:
Just Linens No 48 Paper Pack Gratitude Freebie 110512 colorized;
Katie Pertiet:
Crowning Affair: Understated Kit;
DocuStacks No. 02;
Defined Vintage Clippings Colors No. 01;
Cardstock Tabs No. 02;
Loosely Labeled No. 05 Value Pack;
Journal Strips No. 01;
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