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Pencil card: Studio Double D Elementary Journalers
On Wednesday, 10/31 we had our parent/teacher conference at Kylie’s school. We expressed our concerns about Kylie staying with “known and therefore easy” work and asked her Ms. Kirby & Ms. Elizabeth to encourage her to move on to new things. We also talked about Kylie’s tendency to want to do her work with the other children, particularly Emma. We are worried about some of the bossy behavior Kylie exhibits when she feels like she has to supervise a younger child so that they complete their work, like the 45 layout, perfectly. Again we asked for Kylie to be encouraged to do some work on her own which will enable her to focus on her own actions rather than try to control someone else’s. Lastly, we reviewed Kylie’s report card.

Leaf card: K Pertiet Pocket Cards Autumn No2-6
Kylie had her six month check up with her dentist, Dr. Alvarez at Safari of Smiles

Orange topped card: K Pertiet Web Inspiration 102509
Jack-o-lantern word art: K Pertiet Tricked Out Titles
Jack-o-lantern picture: Crazy Alice Halloween Brush pack part 1 freebie

Make a wish card: Studio Double D Readymade Journalers BDay No1-4
Karen took me out to lunch on Saturday for my 42nd birthday. We did some Christmas shopping; I bought some shirts and H&M and we read at Starbucks.

Blue flourish card: K Pertiet Winged Collector Cards
Envelope frame: K Pertiet Enveloped Frames
Rose: AYW Granny Grace
Three small flowers: J Wilson Reflect kit elements
Pink lace: J Wilson Twisty ribbon
Poor sweet Kylie vomited three times on Thursday night causing us to have to change her bed three times. She was sick again on Friday morning. This was the first time she has really puked a lot and it frightened her. We believe it was caused by something she ate, perhaps a bad grape. But it wasn’t until her belly was truly empty that she started to get better. We gave her anti-nausea medicine, fever reducer and pedialyte and by Friday evening she was a little better. The poor darling just lay on the couch all day and wanted either Karen or I sitting with her so that she could put her head in our lap.

Wig card template: S Gleason Dahlia Cards
Graph paper: K Pertiet Graphed No2-2
Picture clip: H Roselli Kiddie Gourmet elements
Laugh and be silly: K Pertiet CutUps
Caught on film: K Pertiet CutUps Photography
Although Kylie wasn’t 100% by Saturday, she and Karen still went out for their usual Saturday morning fun. They brought home Madagascar 3 with a matching circus afro wig. We all took turns wearing the silly thing just to make Kylie smile.