Yeesh, there are lots of shadows and glares on this week’s pictures of my Project Life pages. Hardly looks like the real thing. Playing catch up here. Thanks for looking!

Airport picture—
Background paper: ARD Rain solid blue paper
Thankful stamp: A Edwards Small Journal Cards
Background mask, defining moment stamp, word strips, love you pin: Studio Double D Layer Works No 7
Photo flare: A Aspnes Magic FB Album
Beige paper: K Pertiet Botanist No13
Dotted circles: K Pertiet In Stitches Circles No2
Fun day cap: K Pertiet Capped Rainbow
Staple: P Knox Staple Its
Bird journal card: Studio Double D Readymade Journalers Easter No1-4
Blendable card, green stitches, just us ticket: K Pertiet Pocket Pages No7-2
Welcome back & hello routine: A Edwards Hello School Brushes
Butterfly: K Pertiet Pocket Pages No 7-1
Memory card: A Edwards For the Love of Life Journal Cards
Honest Truth: C Zielske: Story Savers 1
Black rimmed card: K Pertiet Blendable Photo Cards No 6
Lots of Love for you stamp: A Edwards Little Bit of Messy Love

We are thankful for Momma’s safe return home to Florida. We all drove to TN on Saturday, October 13th. Kylie and I drove home on Wednesday, October 17th. Karen stayed in TN to help her Mom and flew home to us on Wednesday, October 24th. We are thankful to all be at home together again.

Grandpa gave Kylie this garden that grows crystals.

Kylie loves the “mood” turtle necklace that we got for her in San Francisco. She wears it all the time and likes interpreting the colors and moods. She is wearing it in the picture below.