So last weekend I decided I should ATTEMPT to get a PERFECT Christmas card shot of the 'family'. Well I soon figured out there was no such thing, particularly when we were trying to take it ourselves! Mike wanted to wear his Bah Humbug hat (typical!) and he looks like he's strangling Molly (I promise he wasn't!), there was a dog biscuit stuck to the top of the camera to try to get the menagerie looking in the general direction but it kept falling off (note to self-biscuits do not adhere to sticky tape), the cat wasn't having a bar of it, Lucky kept jumping off my lap trying to retrieve said dog biscuits, either that or he wanted to kiss me, Molly was perpetually in a blink in the photographs with her eyes closed. Eh, so I went with what I had.

Look away now peeps if you get a card from me in the mail Smile

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