This is for the filled with gratitutude challenge - I was checking out the gallery and I was inspired by everyone’s 30 days of thankfulness pages and then I saw this page by Pam aka blkcow that is a lift of Carollee’s aka Carol project 52 pages… so what could be better than to lift 2 friends… I’m thankful for my digital friends – the wonderful designers and I am very thankful to have Mamaw with me!!!!
I really liked the quote Pam used and the Studio Double D cluster…. But its not in my stash yet so I’m trying to be frugal and use what I have (mamaw does I should be able to do it too… I should be able to wait til Thursday for the quarterly sale … but I’ve never been good at waiting… the freebies on the blog are helping as did last nights 30 minute challenge….I am truly thankful!!! I was personal messaging Jean2 and Mamaw was making the grocery list one thing led to another and I think the photo of Mamaw is perfect for this page/challenge!!!
Quote reads: “Promise a lot and give even more.” Anthony J. D'Angelo

Journaling reads… - A time to be thankful – all month long. I’m thankful that the Kroger ad still brings Mamaw joy – getting to the store is getting tougher but oh how you enjoy making out the list and checking out your coupon stash – this week we saved $25.57 total grocery bill $46.99 Chili is for dinner – I picked up diced tomatoes and red beans! Lots of Coke and Laundry detergent now to do the laundry!!!!

thank you for this gift Just Linens Paper Pack No. 48
thank you for this gift Autumnal Spice Paper Pack
Bead Scatterings No. 01)
Curled Journal Spots No. 06
inspired by: Gratitude Element Clusters No. 01
bow from Layer Works No. 105
Flourishing Leaves No. 01
Preserved Memories: Autumn
Autumnal Artistry Kit
Garden Stakes: Words