I was out and about all day and it wasn't until late this afternoon that I remembered I needed to snap a photo for my 'grateful' page! Yikes! Luckily, I could be sly and snapped one of the guy washing my car... VERY thankful for him! I am so not a car-washer! And, I guess I should also be happy for my job that allows me to pay for the guy to wash my car! LOL
And, yes, it really was hot today... over 85° in November... wow!
And, yep, I'm still on a 'grateful' roll... I'm loving this project and y'all are helping me stay motivated by posting all your lovely '30 days' layouts in the gallery... so inspiring!
(And, I think I'll need more motivation during the week what with work and all, so keep posting and help me stay focused! *wink*)
Oh, and doncha just love how Andrea's "Autumn Grace" paper mimicked the spokes of the wheels?

BIG THANKS... For a beautiful (hot!) day in Southern California... in November! For the extra hour of sleep, which actually meant an extra hour to do things! For guys that love to wash cars for gals that don’t. *smiley* For Target... that has everything one might need... including that new printer! For Rick taking me to Outback for dinner. For Pac-12 TV so I can watch UCLA men’s soccer and ESPN so I can watch the Galaxy playoff game, too!


Thirty Days of Thankful (tweaked just a bit!)

With Gratitude Brushes & Stamps ***Coming to the store soon!***

Autumn Grace Paper Pack
Autumn Grace Solid Paper Pack
Autumnal Spice Paper Pack ***Coming to the store soon!***

Staple Its!

Thanks for looking! Debi