I always, always start a page with my journaling. It's what comes easiest to me. Smile I have a notebook/journal where I am constantly writing things down and using it for scrapbook pages. The journaling for this page I did one afternoon a couple of months ago while watching Lincoln and Dylan together. This challenge was exactly what I needed to scrap it. Smile

Thanks for looking. Smile

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Font: Olivetti Type 2
Journaling: Embrace it, enjoy it, make it worth it and be so grateful for it. Not before too long another year will have passed and you will be sitting here again with fond memories of right now. As I look around me, I can see how rich my life is and right now I am grateful for this.. Daddy and Son time on the trampoline.. The crickets chirping, reminding me of storm season.. Beautiful weather, a slight breeze and a comfortable seat.. The flowers in my garden bed.. The chalk drawings at my feet.. Green grass again after a little rain.. Giggles and cuddles after checking occasionally to make sure Mummy is still here.. The feeling on content that warms my heart and my soul.. My two loves, who make my life.