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30MM Challenge Freebie
Orange, Black and Creme Mini Kit
Otis Solids Paper Pack
Notebook Journalers No. 02
Stripey Alphabet No. 01
Striped Mix: Magic Value Paper Pack
Wire Rimmed Alphabet No. 06
Little Woodsy Kit (staple)

Font: Olivetti Type 2
Journaling: You absolutely love numbers! This has only been a recent thing but you know somehow there is a difference between numbers and letters. Anything you have that has a number on it at the moment is your preferred toy or book. We have some number and letter blocks and no matter how jumbled up they are, you will always pick the numbers out from the letters. You even have 2 favourite numbers - 4 and 8! You love it when Mummy and Daddy write the numbers out and read them to you and always want us to go over it again and again. If we’re outside then you are bringing us chalk to draw them for you! A mathematical genius in the making? If so, then Daddy will be helping with your homework!