Jamie just simply adores cake. He IS the cake boss.

Jamie you are the king of cake. I mean it. You totally love cake. If it's someones birthday you say where's the cake ? If we say it's your birthday soon Jamie. you say I am going to have cake. Your eyes lighting up. You love to blow out the candles ( in fact you will even push the birthday boy or girl out of the way to get to the cake) I secretly think it's cos you know at the end of the ceremony cake is coming. Vanilla, chocolate,red velvet it really doesn't matter. At Daniels birthday we think you had 10 cupcakes. I have photos of you simply sitting at the table surrounded by them. In fact you had a different cupcake in your hand in each photo. Well Jamie Jubs it's almost your 2nd birthday. Mommy will make you a huge cake and you can eat as much as you like. Well that's what nannie says . We will have to negotiate this with mommy though.

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Birthday Clusters No. 01