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Winter Woods Add-on Paper Pack
In Disguise Layered Template
Blocked Out Photo Masks No. 02
Sign Maker Alphabet: Blue No. 01
Whimsy Words No. 02
Leap Ahead Epoxies (clouds)
Notebook Journalers No. 02
Ledger Grid Overlays No. 01
Wire Rimmed Charmed Alpha No. 01
Little Fly Aways Stickers (used as the steam on the train)
Layer Works No. 111 (ticket)

Font: Olivetti Type 2
Journaling: We started a new tradition this year of having a little costume party with your cousins around Halloween. Halloween is not really celebrated in Australia yet but it is getting bigger and bigger every year. So your Aunty and I decided this would be something fun for you all while you are little. Mummy had a hard time deciding on a costume for you though! Until I came across Thomas the Tank Engine. You love Thomas the Tank Engine. Your room has a slight Thomas the Tank Engine theme, your Grandad has given you Thomas the Tank Engine collectibles and a book, your Dad was obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine when he was little. It seemed like the perfect costume for you! I didn’t think you would keep the hat on your head but you were too busy playing with your cousins to care about it! You all had so much fun running around the backyard looking for ‘treasures’ Aunty and I had hidden. After lots of running about, playing and eating your ‘treasures’ we ordered pizza and had ice cream for dessert. It was so much fun that we decided we have to do it again!