Lots of our trees are still green here but I felt in the darker fall mode, especially as Hurricane Sandy swirled last night. btw, I made it so you really can't quite see that little girl in the Apple store photo but I wanted it in because it was such a cute memory. iPad usage at under 3? shows how intuitive the thing is.

Kind of a quiet week, with joy for the life I lead, shared with friends. A trip to the Towson Apple Store for iPad class and a tiny girl on the table; strange Louis Vuitton window,;lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Dick and Mike do one of the last gleanings of year. Saw knee doctor at hospital and one more cortisone shot; no surgery plans. A beautiful view in morning light along Ritchie Highway on way to Detention Center with rose hips by Marley Creek. Trying to get Dick to straighten his neck while reading and eating. Not much success. Last batch of lasagna soup for me from the freezer.

KPertiet_PocketPagesNo7 including
KP Bookshelf Blendable
KP Label
KP Mapped Paper
KP Neutral Word Bit-Exactly
KP Notebook Paper
KP Puffy Heart

Fonts: Lucida Handwriting, Lucida Grande, Traveling Typewriter
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