This is the swap buddies pages all together … I used the same format for the August photo swap…. I hope you like the changes I made for the October swap….. they are in number order as assigned by Kim with a few exceptions…. LOL!! I've been happily adding everyone's pages....Having fun adapting those that did more than 1 page... moving things around ... and laughing at myself...... I did finally move (3) Sarah(Dugarner) and Wendy(Wendymck) to the last page to keep my sanity.... I wanted to keep all the swap buddies together.... next time I’m waiting til the last day to set up the pages. Each page touched my heart… it was fun to see each others pictures done by someone else…. Thanks for the fun and the inspiration!!!! Until December I’ll be adding to my stash and trying to figure out what each of you used to make your pages so special…. I know the most important ingredients…Love/friendship! Fonts Arial and Prissy Frat boy

in layer order starting with the background

Layer Works No. 125

School Mates Kit

Lifted Leaves No. 01

photo swap gallery pages ... 46 swap buddies 3 extra pages and 1 double page

Letter Box Photo Masks No. 02

Stuffed Edge Journalers No. 01

Autumn in Paris Mini-Kit

Vintage Journal Spots No. 03

Yesteryear Kit

Vintage Flashcards: Winter

Noted Strips No. 01

Defined Discs No. 01 Brushes and Stamps

Cardstock Tabs No. 02

Capturing 2010-2012 Brushes and Stamps

Color Study: Brown Paper Pack

Messy Stitched Borders: Red No. 01

Candid Collection

inspired by: Family Elements Clusters No. 01

Collageables No. 04

brown stitching Autumnal Artistry Kit

Thankful Memories Kit

Made with Paper Flowers No. 01

Glorious Days Kit

photo postmark from Layer Works No. 03

good stuff cut up from Layer Works No. 07

Jewelry Tag Alphabet

Tied Fasteners

Pin Its!: Pearls

Pebbled Penmanship Alphabet