Cathy Z got me with her post on her blog and the super new template in the store. As I scrolled thru photos this morning (attempting to ogranize and back-up!), I found the 'old' one of Shannon and two of her close friends and was thinking how CUTE it was! Then it hit me... I had a photo of these three on their graduation day! Yep... in the blink of an eye...they're all now in college... wow.
So, thank you, Cathy!
And, I stepped outta that proverbial box... not on my scrapping style, but changing color photos to B&W! I must admit, I pondered and looked and changed my mind a hundred times... still not sure but, hey, the colors in the photos were all over the place so I think the B&W makes a more cohesive layout. Right?

Friends at five...
Friends at eighteen...
Friends forever...
You and your dear friends Jessica Wu and Katie Yamamoto
(and Clifford, “The Big Red Dog”!)
on a ‘sleepover’ circa 1999 and
about thirteen years later on the day of your graduation from
Newport Harbor High School, June 21, 2012.


Bits of Nature No. 01 **Coming to the store soon!** (leaves, brush)
Assorted Patterned Tapes: Christmas No. 01
Far Away Fairyland Element Pack (charm)

Cathy Zielske's Layered Template No. 111 (modified a bit!)
Classic Colors No. 02 Paper Pack

Staple Its!
Brad Bonanza No. 01: Digital Fasteners
Pin Its!: Pearls

Thanks for looking! Debi