I think my daughter and Kayleigh's templates go together like peanut butter and jelly. Smile

journaling: As part of Spirit Week at school, there was a jersey day. Your brother has lots of real Batavia jerseys but they would’ve hung down to the ground on you. So you decided to wear one of his old superstar jerseys from when he was little. It was your favorite color, it matched your new boots and we had put your wet hair in braids the night before so you had poofy hair for the occasion. It was the perfect outfit and it demanded photos. Which of course you posed for very enthusiastically. Love you!

Toothy Paper Pack No. 04 by Cathy Zielske {coming soon!}
Tiny Dots Paper Pack No. 02 by Cathy Zielske {coming soon!} blended
Color Study Flair: Red by Katie Pertiet {coming soon!}

Layer Works No. 234
Absolutely Acrylic: Colors: Hearts No. 01
Textured Canvas: Brights No. 01 Paper Pack
Assorted Patterned Tapes: Fall No. 01