Some mornings around here go like clockwork. Others are more like a train wreck. This morning was in the train wreck category. The bright spot though was when Nate came to his older brother's rescue. When I saw Cathy's new Thankful project; I thought it would be a perfect way to capture the moment.

Journaling: Today I'm thankful for boys that run. Shortly after Austin set out for school, I saw his blue folder (the one with all his homework) on the arm of the couch. I asked Nate to see if Austin was still outside. I expected him to just look and report back to me. Instead he took the challenge and ran with it. Literally. Austin was halfway to school by the time Nate caught up with him and Nate still made it back in plenty of time to catch his bus. Looks like those hours of running paid off.

(PS: I obviously wasn't taking photos during all the morning chaos, so I just used a photo from his cross country season from about a month ago.)

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