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Oiselet Rouge Kit
Flourishing Leaves No. 03
Beyond Words Brushes and Stamps
Messed Up Photo Blocks Brushes and Stamps No. 09
l'Automne Kit (photo wrap)

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Journaling: Living in Queensland it’s safe to say we don’t really see all four seasons. Autumn means that it’s a little cooler and there’s no more humidity. Winter means you need to wear sleeves. We have the odd day or two where it is actually cold but it’s nothing like other parts of the world see. So, going to New Zealand during autumn was really exciting for me. I had never seen leaves changing colour. Unless you count the palms turning a slight yellow tinge when it has been too hot for too long with little rain. It was safe to say, the colours we saw were beyond expectation. What a glorious sight it was. Beautiful fiery reds and mellow golden yellows. It was amazing and definitely a big highlight of our trip. 14 May, 2012